Everyshop is now live

March 11, 2021

It is set to be Takealot’s biggest competitor.

Everyshop is a brand-new online store that has launched on 9 March. The new store is set to be Takealot’s biggest competitor yet. Everyshop sells consumer tech products, PCs, appliances, and other products from a variety of brands. 

The new online store is backed by the JD Group. The group is involved with established physical stores like Russels, Bradlows, HiFi Corporation and Incredible Connection. Having these existing physical stores means the JD Group has an established distribution network – something that can make or break an eCommerce company. 

Naturally, the JD Group also has access to a range of excellent home items, like kitchenware, appliances and more. This means that Everyshop’s catalogue is very impressive, especially when compared to that of Takealot. According to Everyshop’s Instagram account, they stock products from more than 500 leading brands.

Takealot has not had a local competitor for a long period of time. They have dominated the South African eCommerce market. The COVID-19 lockdowns also boosted Takealot’s popularity, as a result of the online sales boom. 

According to their site, deliveries are available anywhere in South Africa between Mondays and Fridays. At this stage, they don’t have collection points yet, which could be a drawback as Takealot has been rolling out collection points at an insane speed. Everyshop has indicated that they are looking at opening a few collection points in the main centers of South Africa, but this will likely only happen in a few weeks’ time.

Because of its opening, Everyshop has loads of great bargain deals available, so you better get shopping if you want to score! 

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