Euphonik in hot water over unpaid tax

October 5, 2021

SARS has sent him a letter of demand for R11 million.

Themba Mbongeni, better known as Euphonik, has been served with a letter of demand from the South African Revenue Service for R11 million in unpaid tax. According to SARS, this amount is derived from personal income tax that Euphonik failed to pay to SARS.

The letter of demand states that Euphonik has 10 days to settle the amount owed to SARS in full. Failure to do so will lead to civil action being taken against the local music man.

“You are requested to make full payment within 10 business days from the date of this demand. You may, within 10 business days from the date of demand, apply for any of the following remedies,” read the letter of demand according to City Press.

Some of the remedies available, according to the letter are payment of the full amount, suspension of the debt if Euphonik wants to lodge a dispute about the exact amount owed, or an agreement to pay a portion of the tax where this will provide a higher return to SARS when compared to sequestration.

SARS did not reveal any details about Euphonik’s tax affairs to the public themselves, as they have a duty to keep this information confidential.

“Sars may appoint any third party who presently or in the future will owe you money or hold money for you to settle your tax debt with this money, or a civil judgment being entered against you, in which case a warrant of execution may be issued for the Sheriff to the court to attach and sell your assets,” continued the letter of demand.

Euphonik may apply to have the debt reduced. This would be the case if he can prove financial hardship. This would be the case if he can barely support his lifestyle and his dependents.

The DJ has not yet made a public comment about the matter.