Chaise Williams opens up about his career, “Got a Milli” and a new genre of music he is busy creating

August 20, 2021

Watch his exclusive interview with GoBinge.

Hailing from the streets of Cape Town, local rapper Chaise Williams is taking the local music scene by storm. He first started making a name for himself when he dropped “Got a Millie”, a song that soon became a hot track on streaming platforms, like Spotify. 

In an exclusive interview with GoBinge, Chaise gave us the inside scoop behind his journey to success in the South African music industry. According to him, his ambition comes from something deep within himself which pushes him to change the status quo.

“There’s something sitting inside of me and that’s heavy on my heart. Basically, making some sort of difference. I just don’t know what it is yet,” Chaise said.

Fans of the music Chaise creates will know that his style is quite interesting. He doesn’t believe in sticking to only one style. Instead, he views one’s music style as something dynamic which evolves as an artist grows.

“The music that I make is dynamic, versatile. Everything that’s in between, the softest part of me and the hardest part of me and all the other personalities that’s mixed in there is what you get from me,” he explained.

Chaise also revealed that he is busy creating an entirely new genre of music as we speak. This genre is called “pop-punk” and, according to him, it “will be coming soon”.

“Got a Millie”, arguably his most well-known track, was created as something of a group project. Chaise explained that he was with other artists, like AK Domination and LD Beats when he mentioned that they “have a milli in the room” with all the artists combined. On that day, they actually created three tracks already prior to pushing out “Got a Milli”. It took the artists in the room a mere two hours to create a song that would skyrocket the rest of his career. 

“The meaning of that song is actually more so the amount of money that we are worth,” Chaise elaborated.
The hit is also a testimony to the pure talent Chaise inhibits.  “We had like three lines down for the chorus and then I just freestyled the rest once I got into the mic,” he said, humbly acknowledging that making music comes naturally to him.
Chaise remains positive about the potential of the Mzansi music industry. He says that the level or artistry South Africa has is incredible and that it is obvious that local musicians are working almost five times harder than anyone else in the global music scene.

“But business-wise, it’s not there. So I am excited for change,” he said, pointing out that there is still work to be done to reap the full potential of what South African artists have to offer.
When asked who inspires him, he immediately admitted that he looks up to Nasty C. He explained that Nasty C has been doing a lot for up and coming artists and that he “opens up pathways” to make the road to success a little easy to bear. 

“I have to add the hard work, consistency and dedication of Youngsta . He’s crazy! He does what he does and he does it well,” Chaise said, clearly inspired by the success Youngsta has achieved. 

In terms of the growth of his career, Chaise is hard at work creating new music. Currently, he is dropping a new single every Friday, with visuals following every Monday thereafter.

“I think it’s gonna be really exciting. I haven’t dropped a body of work in quite a long time so I am actually excited to try this. It will be the first time that I am trying this approach,” he added. 

His drop for today can be streamed below.