Boity demands R1.2 million settlement from Bujy

October 26, 2021

It features contributions from Kid Cudi, Pharrell, Future, Bizzy Banks, and others.

Earlier in October, Boity and Bujy Bikwa got involved in a physical altercation which did the rounds on social media. Now, Boity is claiming a massive R1.2 million from Bujy to settle the matter out of court.

After the fight, pictures of a battered Boity were shared on social media. It is understood that the duo were at a social event in Midrand and some drinks were definitely involved in the mix. As far as fans can tell, the two were having a good time, until they had a disagreement about ancestors and traditional healers.

According to voice notes that were taken on the day, Bujy then threw her with a glass of wine which resulted in the celeb being rushed to the hospital to treat numerous cuts and bruises.

This week, it has become apparent that Boity has given Bujy the option of settling out of court, if she receives R1.2 million from him as settlement. Since the news broke, fans have been disappointed by Boity’s seemingly outrageous claim for damages.

A lot of them have called it a “frivolous” lawsuit while others suggested Bujy strike back. Someone even suggested that Bujy pay Boity back in R100 monthly installments while others advised him to rather go to jail.

Some fans have, however, decided to stick with Boity and are encouraging her to continue pressing until she receives the settlement amount she is claiming.