Billie Eilish and Rosalía drop new song for Euphoria

January 22, 2021

For the past week, Billie Eilish and Rosalía have teased the release of a new song on their social media accounts. The track, called Lo Vas a Olvidar will form part of the new Euphoria special “Part 2: Jules” which is set to release on 24 January globally.

Yesterday, the track dropped on YouTube and other music streaming services. The track was produced by Billie’s brother, FINNEAS and the lyrics are all in Spanish. Billie’s fans were blown away by her near perfect pronunciation of the Spanish lyrics. It’s the first time this popular artist has released a non-English song.

The music video for Lo Vas A Olvidar premiered yesterday and already has nearly 7 million views. Watch it below.

Lo Vas a Olvidar is all about heartbreak. “Dime si no me perdonas aún,” Billie whispers, meaning, “Tell me if you still don’t forgive me”. The video is even moodier than the song, with each woman alone in darkness, singing to the void. Euphoria fans have interpreted the sadness of the song as a hint that the upcoming special episode of the series will be hauntingly somber.

Musically, Billie Eilish and Rosalía compliment each other beautifully. They manage to stay in harmony, both reaching effortlessly for mesmerizing high notes. Fans have also noticed that both singers have long, sharp nails. Reviewers are saying this was a deliberate move on the part of the director, Nabil, meant to showcase power in the sadness that the song holds. 

Interestingly, the two artists never met in the same studio when recording the audio for this track. Apparently, they each set up their makeshift home studios and recorded their parts alone. FINNEAS then masterfully combined the different parts to create the final cut of this song.