Bhungane Mehlomakhulu creates an outfit made entirely out of Woolies bags

September 1, 2021

He shared his creation on Twitter and it went viral almost instantly.

Local ballet dancer Bhungane Mehlomakhulu has showcased his unique designing skills in a recent Twitter post. He took old Woolworths shopping bags and reinvented them as a sustainable outfit.

The outfit featured a pair of shorts, a shirt and even a face mask made entirely from the new black Woolies bags. “Recycled a few of the @WOOLWORTHS_SA bags and constructed a full look,” said the designer in his tweet.

Mehlomakhulu also used this as an opportunity to encourage other creatives to make their dreams come true, no matter the challenges they are faced with.

“It’s about the work and the effort you put in, and in time, you’ll reap the benefits,” added Mehlomakhulu.

Twitter users were rather impressed with his creativity. Many users left positive comments and complimented the designer on the fact that he was able to turn an everyday household item, like a pair of bags, into something that is actually rather fashionable.

“You were in your bag here. Good thing you didn’t get carried away,” commented Farai Mudzingwa.

There has been a recent upturn in the trend to turn Woolies bags into clothing. Earlier, Jahni de Villiers shared a video on Twitter of her niece boasting a dress made from the black shopping bags.

Even established designers like Thula Sindi took note of the trend and gave their virtual stamp of approval.