Beyoncé finally drops Icy Park

February 24, 2021

It’s a clothing collab she has been working on with Adidas

The highly-anticipated clothing range by Beyoncé has finally dropped. Icy Park is a collection that the artist has been working on for some time with Adidas. 

Beyoncé spent the past few weeks teasing fans with snaps of herself in some of the items on Instagram. In fact, she nearly broke the internet over the past few weeks with posts of herself showing plenty of skin wearing her new Icy Park collection. She took things a step further when she shared over fifty images of herself rocking nearly every look in the drop. 

As with some of her previous releases, she has sent drops to a few celebs, including Nandi Madida, Thickleeyonce, and Foyin Ogunrombi. These local influencers took to Instagram and Twitter to share photos of the stunning items they received.

For Icy Park, Beyoncé focused on ow white, icy blue, hot pink, and some nudes. As the name suggests, winter is the inspiration behind the palette and design of the capsule.

The new collection includes a bodysuit, thigh-high stiletto boots, pants and a jacket. For accessories, the collection offers oversized mittens and an extremely long and puffy scarf.

This is the artist’s third clothing line drop. Her previous two drops were super popular and promoted the creation of this latest collection.

In a few countries, like New Zealand and China, the collection was sold out in literally less than 5 minutes after its release. The items can still be purchased on order via the Adidas online store, though. 

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