Apple to use LG for development of a foldable iPhone

February 25, 2021

Sources inside Apple’s supply chain have confirmed that LG is involved with the research of this project.

By Jean Michel Witteveen

According to various reports, Apple has enlisted the help of LG Display to assist in the development of a foldable OLED display for a future iPhone. 

Sources within Apple’s supply chain have confirmed to DigiTimes that LG is helping with the research and development of a folding display, but it isn’t clear whether or not LG will supply the panels once production has started.

This is not the first time that LG has been linked to a foldable design for Apple. Back in 2017, it was mentioned that LG had created a “task force” working on a display for the iPhone. 

However, Samsung has also been suggested as Apple’s supplier of OLED foldable displays, with recent reports even suggesting that Samsung supplied Apple with displays for testing last year. Since Apple has used both LG and Samsung display’s in both current and previous iPhone models, they could be testing these suppliers with the view to providing iPhones using both LG and Samsung.  

Although these are all only rumours, these reports have been gathering pace over the last year or so. 

At this stage, there is nothing concrete, but it does suggest that a foldable iPhone could be with us sooner rather than later.