Android 11’s beta version dropped yesterday

June 11, 2020


This is one of the most anticipated new versions of Android yet.

Android 11 has finally released a public beta version. From yesterday, users can download Android 11 Beta if they have opted into the public beta testing programme on their phones. The new version of Android brings some massive new improvements. Some of these features are rather obviously inspired by Apple’s iOS. One such change is the ability to now give apps one-time permissions to use your data, like your location or contact information. Previously, Android users only had the choice to deny such data from being used by apps, or to grant lifetime access to this data while you have the requesting app on your phone. Another new ability is that Android 11 will allow users to natively record their screens. Previously, third-party apps had to be installed for this purpose. Within the next couple of weeks, the official, final version of Android 11 will be made available, although no set date has been announced.