AKA slams Thabooty live on air

September 14, 2021

This happened after she asked the artist about Nelli Tembe’s death.

AKA gave a knee-jerk reaction after radio presenter Thando “Thabooty” Thabethe asked him about the events that led up to his fiancé, Nelli Tembe’s death.

The awkward moment happened on Thabooty’s 947 show when she had AKA and artist Costa Titch as guests. The duo was in studio to talk about their brand new album which was released to the delight of fans last week.

Thando asked the rapper to address “the elephant in the room”, referring to developments into Nelli’s case and any information AKA may have about it.

“We have to speak about the elephant in the room. You had a sit down with one of our own, Thembekile Mrototo, and a lot of people felt like you said nothing in the interview,” she said.

AKA clearly didn’t think her line of questioning was warranted at all. He immediately went on the defensive.

“Do you feel a need to say anything about the incident that happened?” asked Thando, to which AKA answered that this is not merely an incident to him, but something that happened in real life.

“You wanna call it an incident. This is my life, bro. To you it’s an incident,” he said.

“Speak to us about the experience,” said Thando, clearly still pushing her agenda to get the rapper to reveal something about the tragedy.

“Is it something you are never going to answer?” asked Thando

AKA replied: “It’s none of your business. It’s nobody’s business but my own. It is something I am living within my life. It’s none of your business.”

Before the interview ended, Thando gave AKA the middle finger but they then gave each other high-fives and laughed it off.