AKA reveals what his most underrated collab is

June 4, 2020

According to his tweet, this track is Yanga Chief’s hit, Tricky featuring AKA and Gemini Major.

A fan recently tweeted that a particular track is AKA’s most underrated collab. In fact, the fan went on to say that this track might even be the best hip-hop hit in South Africa. The tweet soon went viral and AKA responded saying that he also thought that the track is very underrated. AKA has been known for strategically selecting who he will collab with. It seems that almost all his collabs have elevated his career in some way. Usually, when AKA is involved in the making of another artist’s track, it usually boosts that artist’s career as well. Tricky was released back in 2017. Give it a listen to see if you agree that it is one of AKA’s best collabs.