AKA is accused of GBV, but he has defended himself against these accusations

May 10, 2021


A video has surfaced which shows the rapper breaking down a locked door, after which he apparently left his now deceased fiancée with bruises.

Jika hitmaker, AKA (or Kiernan Forbes) is facing serious allegations of Gender Based Violence. This comes after a video surfaced which shows the artist break down a locked door behind which his now deceased fiancée was.

 Apparently, the incident left Anele Tembe with several bruises. On social media, mainly screenshots of the video are floating around. In the actual video clip, reports are suggesting that one can hear Tembe telling AKA to calm down – indicating that he was provoked and angry.

In a statement that was released to fans and the media, Forbes has said that he and Temebe “enjoyed a beautiful yet challenging relationship that at times was tumultuous, like all relationships”.

Further in the statement, he claims that he knows who is behind the spreading of the incriminating video and, according to him, these people have it out for him. 

“I am fully aware of who the sources engaging media are and what their intention is, which is to influence the SAPS inquest, which the investigating officer has stated numerous times to my legal team and to them, that I Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, have not been named to be a suspect, but have been nothing but a cooperating witness.”

Tembe died at a Cape Town hotel on 11 April after falling to her death from an open hotel room window. Her tragic death was believed to be a suicide, but at her funeral, her father refuted that this is the case. The police are still investigating the incident. 

I will not be a part of speaking on or exposing our troubles as a couple, to defend myself from one-sided views that are portrayed out of their full context. Every story has two sides and so does every video, image and message,” Forbes said in the statement.

Forbes said that he has always been an emotional and intense person and that he is not going to stand for people who are trying to discredit him. More importantly, he says he owes it to Tembe not to have her character damaged or turned into something it never was by speculation. 


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