After The Island: Rochelle confirms she and Jay are ‘chatting’…

March 27, 2021


Check out his interview with GoBinge now!

Love Island SA fans will know that Rochelle had started to see something in Jay, but he was kicked from the Villa before they could move in on each other.

In an interview with GoBinge, Rochelle confirmed that she and Jay are “chatting” and that they will see where things go. 

She hinted at the fact that she is not opposed to the idea of dating him outside of Love Island, seeing as both of them have now been dumped.

“You know, we are chatting…there might be a Cape Town trip coming up soon. We’ll have to see,” she said.

Expanding on her interest in Jay, she says that if she could do Love Island all over again, she would definitely relook her timing, especially when it comes to him. 

“We thought we had more time than what we did. So I would definitely go in again and be more aware of the time concept,” Rochelle explained.

Some fans might think that Love Island is too unrealistic to be a place where one can find true love. Rochelle, however, disagrees. She explained that in real life, you only see the person you are dating a few days a week and that can make the love-finding process a lot lengthier. Love Island offers a way to accelerate this part of dating.

“ is 24 hours, 7 days a week that you get to know someone. And you fall a lot harder and a lot quicker,” she added.

Now that she has Love Island behind her name, Rochelle hopes to start doing some work as a TV presenter. Apparently. 2021 has a lot in store for this ex-Islander.