After The Island: Jelena would have liked to couple up with Jayme

March 26, 2021

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Jelena is the most recent girl to be voted out of the Love Island SA Villa. She was voted off of the Island with Jayme. Both of these Islanders had a very brief stay in the Villa.

Being one of the new people in the Villa meant that she didn’t have a chance to couple up with anyone. There was someone that she would have liked to explore a connection with, though.

“I would have chosen to couple with Jayme to get to know him a little bit more. We did connect and we felt comfortable with each other,” Jelena said in response to our question on who she would have liked to date on Love Island.

Jelena took a keen interest in Chris when she arrived at the Villa. Things didn’t work out too well between them though. She maintains that she isn’t too phased about their romantic endeavors grinding to a halt.

“The thing was, we were very different. And yes, at the beginning there was a little spark, which kind of happens now and then with people. But when I started to get to know him there, unfortunately, wasn’t a spark left,” she said.

When asked who she thinks will survive Love Island and walk away as a lasting couple, she said that she believes Libho and Thimna will be crowned the winners. According to Jelena, people watching the show don’t see everything they see behind the scenes and Thimna and Libho have a true interest in each other. 

“I think they have a stronger connection than some people not even on Love Island who are in relationships,” she offered. 

Speaking about the practicalities of staying in the Villa with so many other people. Jelena said that her least favourite part of the show was showering. Apparently, it is first-come-first-served so you have to get there early if you want hot water.