After The Island: Jayme says he is not disappointed after getting dumped from the Villa

March 26, 2021


Check out his interview with GoBinge now!

Auctioneer Jayme is the latest guy to be dumped from the Love Island Villa. 

In last night’s episode, the Islanders had to decide who they wanted to save: Xavier or Jayme. The boys had a team talk with their girls and ultimately decided to save Xavier – a fan-favourite Islanders who recently left Millie for the new bombshell, Mischka. 

Jayme had a short stay in the Villa, lasting only a few days in total. He initially had his eyes set on Millie and Summer, but it seems like they didn’t fancy the smooth-talking auctioneer as they did not elect to couple up with him.

Jayme chatted with the GoBinge team about his time on Love Island. 

According to him, he is not disappointed that he has been dumped. He didn’t see himself really forming a connection with anyone in the Villa. He’s looking forward to finding love outside of the Villa, where he has more options.

Although Jayme didn’t find love in the Villa, he did make some new friends.

“The boys in the Villa are really awesome. They wrote down a little bit of a message that I found when I opened up my shoes today and it meant a lot,” he said, after indicating that he will definitely connect with them after the show is over.

When asked if had any regrets, he said that “you can’t live life with regrets”. But, he has learned one thing: he won’t call anyone average after burning his fingers with this comment in the Villa!

Naturally, we had to get his opinion on who he thinks the winning couple will be.

“Thimna and Libho are great together and they really are enjoying it,” Jayme explained after indicating that he thinks they stand the best chance. He added that he would like to see more couples form in the Villa so that there is more competition between legit couples. 

“I definitely learned a lot about myself and how I view love. I think that I would like a girl who’s not as much drama in my life,” Jayme said when asked about what he learned about himself from his stay in the Villa.