Adele slammed for recent appearance in TV skit

October 26, 2020

People are saying she is guilty of fetishising Africans.

Adele recently played a character during a “Saturday Night Live” sketch about the “Tourism Board of Africa.” In the skit, Adele plays a woman who has found a new beginning among “African Tribesmen”. In the skit, Adele’s character listed reasons why tourists should come to Africa. When listing these reasons, she emphasised in the “tribesmen” in particular. She also giggled when her character pointed out that “lush, dangling foliage” is one of the main features of these Africans. Although many found the sketch to be funny, there are a lot of people who took to Twitter to criticize the peace as describing Africa as a playground for white women and that the numerous innuendos relating to African men create a sort of fetish that is not warranted.