GoBinge is a video-first content marketing company providing various content production services to global and local brands

We are an African-Millennial and Generation Z focused content platform. We create relevant and entertaining content for Africa’s internet generation and through sponsored episodic reality shows aligned with popular personalities, we reimagine what brands offer their customers by promoting themselves on content that has much stronger entertainment value than traditional advertising.

Apart from brand awareness, direct product marketing and services can be implemented into the content as well as direct links for viewers to follow while watching.

Francois Van Louw

Executive Producer

Louis Du Toit


Carl Martin


Lourens Vorster


Keenan Bouwer

Head of Operations

Emile Opperman

Chief Commercial Officer

Brand Partners

Sponsored programming isn’t new but what GoBinge offers is high quality products that viewers will appreciate and come back for, adding the support a brand needs online to stay relevant as the rest of the world goes digital.