A new SA startup will let you pay-off plane tickets

February 12, 2021

Wunderlust.travel is a registered credit provider and travellers will need to have a good credit score to use their platform.

Wunderlust.travel is a new startup founded in South Africa. It is built with the intention of making it more affordable for people to travel by allowing them to pay-off flight tickets in monthly installments. The booking service is a registered credit provider. As such, travellers using their service will need to apply for credit and have a good credit score. A flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam can cost one traveller about R850 per month for 12 months. Travellers do, however, have the option of paying the fee once-off. In which case no credit is needed. Missing an installment will have the same effect as missing any credit repayment – lowered credit rating and potential blacklisting. Wanderlust. travel has already partnered with Qantas, Emirates and AirFrance for international flights and Kulula for national flights.