A Bitcoin ‘power plant’ is heating up the 12 000 year old Seneca Lake

July 8, 2021

Greenidge, an old power station, was bought and converted into a massive Bitcoin mine.

In May, a private equity firm bought an old coal power station called Greenidge in New York State in the USA. Instead of putting it to use to generate electricity, they converted it into a Bitcoin mining operation. 

The mine is huge and has more than 8 000 computers that are actively mining the crypto currency. Apparently, the lake which is located right next to Greenidge has heated up significantly since the mining operations have started. 

Some residents even say that it feels like you’re in a hot tub when you get into the lake, which is 12 000 years old already. 

Greenidge uses gas-fuel to power its mining operation. The plant draws water from Seneca Lake in order to cool down the mining equipment and then pumps the water, now heated, back into the lake.  

The Department of Environmental Conservation has allowed Greenidge to suck in 139 million gallons of water and discharge 135 million gallons daily. The people who own Greenidge are considering adding more computers to its mining operation, which might lead to even hotter waters. 

Residents have complained that they fear for the ecological well being of the lifeforms that live in the lake, like fish, algae and more. 

Greenidge maintains that they are operating within the law and will thus continue with their current mining operation.