Euphoria’s Drama didn’t end on screen!

March 1, 2022

Apparently the Euphoria actors script wasn’t the only drama on set. A few of the actors had a dispute with Sam Levinson who is the director and writer of the entire series. It’s claimed that Jules and Nate were supposed to have a steamy scene, however there was tension on set with trio Nate, Rue and Jules. 

Discomfort was present when Zendaya’s ex-fling Jacob Elordi (Nate Jacobs) and his co-star Jules (Hunter Schafer) had to display a different affection on camera. It’s said that Zendaya’s break up with Elordi wasn’t the best and now they try to avoid each other on set as much as possible. The scene was rewritten with Cassie but not without a little sneak peak of what it was supposed to be when Nate fantasises having intercourse with Cassie, the scene quickly cuts to Jules and then back to Cassie. Hope we didn’t spoil too much but who knows, maybe Sam Levinson is preparing us for the third season, however with all the drama behind the scenes we’re guessing that season 3 might be the end of the iconic show. With so many great actresses being sidelined in season 2 a lot of backlash came from Kat’s (Barbie Ferreira) story being cut out, however that’s not the only problem, not only has it been said that the show was re-written 7 times but also that the main focus has been Nate due to speculations of him leaving the show. With our brilliant female actors; Maddy, Mckay and Jules not given much screen time a lot of fans don’t agree with the young females being sidelined. Let’s hope Sam Levinson will change his ways in the renewed Season 3.